Barbie had to lie down!


The cool thing about ONE events that they have mixed martial arts (MMA), muay thai, and kickboxing matches all on the same card.  Depending on the event, mixed martial artists will sometimes have to fight in a boxing ring.  In other events, muay thai fighters and kickboxers will have to fight in a cage.  For ONE:  Century in Tokyo, Japan over the weekend, all of the fights were fought in a steel cage.

When muay thai fighters fight in a cage, then there is less room to maneuver than in a regular-size ring.  That means that the fights have more action and more knockouts.  In this fight between Janet Todd and Ekaterina “Barbie” Vandaryeva, Todd knocked out Vandaryeva with a vicious kick to the face.  That kick knocked out Barbie with 40 seconds left in the second round.

For the first round, Todd set Vandaryeva up with a left jab followed by a right kick to the body.  However, for the knockout, Todd followed the jab with a kick to the face.  That is why Vandaryeva’s guard was down when she was kicked in the face.  This KO is definitely one of the best knockouts of 2019.

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