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Argentine footballer Leonard Meisse signed Barcelona from 2021

Argentine striker Leonard Meisse eliminated several months of rumors and extended an agreement with Barcelona to 2021.

Club officials have said that 30-year-old Macy has decided to stay connected with us in the future, but the agreement has not yet signed, the old contract will be completed in 2018, Messi will be in another club next year.

The club has announced a new press release last week and the media has informed that the new agreement between FC Barcelona and Lionel Messi will be represented by Argentine Structures now 2020-21 season. The $ 700 million euro of ‘outgoing’ has been kept in the agreement, which was 300 million euros in the previous agreement, so that it could save money from a case like losing the slaughter, Messi’s revenue in the new agreement will be 5 million pounds per week, its In addition, they will get $ 80 million bonuses for signing a contract.


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