Andres Iniesta in the eyes of the greatest rival fans

The image speaks itself: Andres Iniesta at the middle of empty Camp Nou. Alone, barefoot, only with the cellphone in his hands. That’s how the legend said one last goodbye to his home, the club in which he grew up and turned into one of the most important figures of the football worldwide.

Last weekend were not only played the last matches of the Spanish La Liga. Last weekend was one of the most emotional not only for the FC Barcelona fans. Last weekend the world showed love for one of the greatest and most respectful ones in Barcelona’s team. It could have been just another match in which “Blaugrana” won against Real Sociedad with the score 1:0 at home. It could have been one of the happiest moments for the Catalans as they won La Liga. However it turned into one of the saddest not only for the club’s history but the football in general: Andres Iniesta was among the 11 starters for the last time in the history of the football. Camp Nou burst into tears!

Once the referee whistled the end of the match the whole stadium stood for an ovation over and over again until they eventually left the place. ”The Brain”, as he was often called, decided to leave his teammates in order to come back on the football pitch on which he was shining over the years. Breathing the empty Camp Nou one last time, feeling the wet grass with his feet: that’s how the 34-years-old legend decided to say goodbye to his kingdom.

It was a day as emotional for the Canalans as for the Madridistas and the rest of the world! One can not help but love and respect Don Andres, one of the most fair-play and correct football players in the history of the game! He surely is one of the most beloved Barca players among the rival fans. He’s an example for discipline, dedication and respect! His magicians on the field are yet to be mentioned in order never to die the image of such a legend, a legend that stole the hearts of all the fans not only in Europe but over the ocean as well.

That’s why he’s most likely to continue his career abroad. The speculations are that he’s moving to China this summer. The thing is, no matter where he goes he will remain eternal in Europe and in the world!

Such a goodbye made even Real Madrid fans cry which speaks volumes about his popularity and correctness on the field. The ”El Clasicos” will never be the same again, therefore Real Madrid fans worldwide are sending you endless love and wish you the best of luck in the future! Thank you for being an impeccable example to the world of football! You will always be loved!


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  1. A very well written article. Apart from the articulate expressions it is quite easy to decifer that you are enthusiastic about both football and writing. Whether you’re equally passionate about both only you alone know. Either way I very much liked the way you wrote this.


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