After 3 weeks of play would you rank Bama above or below Clemson?

Being that Alabama Crimson Tide has not really faced any competition as of yet during this season, I would keep them below Clemson Tigers, but that does not take anything from the Crimson Tide because they are still a dominant team. I say their week 7 performance against Texas A&M Aggies at Kyle Field will give us somewhat of an idea on how good the Crimson Tide is because unlike the Tigers, the Crimson Tide has a road game against the Aggies which is a totally different playing field.

If the Crimson Tide can go into Kyle Field and dominate the Aggies then they most definitely deserve to be ranked higher then the Tigers. In my honest opinion the Crimson Tide does have the tougher schedule given that the fact that the SEC is a tougher conference than the ACC, and the Crimson Tide has atleast 3 road games against SEC rivals (Texas A&M, Mississippi State & Auburn) not including the SEC Championship which is another road game.

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