2019 NFL Draft Review: Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns are looking to put the final touches on a team that most experts envision to be the breakthrough team in the National Football League (NFL) next season.  Adding a potential lockdown corner does not hurt as Williams slid to the second round due to business decisions made in regards to tackling.  However, he is the best cover corner in this draft.  His skills will be needed since their NFC North opponents have some quality wide receivers.  Redwine and Lewis, Jr. will bolster the secondary depth.

The biggest problem for the Browns defense last season was stopping the run.  To help solve that issue, Takitaki and Wilson will add some depth to the linebacking corps so that the middle of the defense remains fresh during games.  Forbes will add depth to the offensive line.

The drafting of Seibert shows how detailed the Browns organization has become over the past couple of years.  Cleveland is attempting to have a turnaround season like what the Chicago Bears accomplished last season.  However, having a kicker to win the close games are critical to maintaining the morale of a team during an arduous season.  Seibert is an accurate kicker, and he could also be a backup at punter as well.

Grade:  The Browns addressed their needs without overreaching.  Having Williams drop to them in the second round bumps the grade up to a B-.

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