Writing by Hand or Typing, What is Better and Why?

We talk about some of the advantages of writing by hand instead of using keyboards of electronic devices. With the new advances in technology, writing by hand seems to be left only for romantics, who find it hard to separate their pen from notebook. However, we should not give up so easily in the face of new technologies as far as writing is concerned. Science has a lot to say about the benefits of handwriting.

In this article we will present you a brief summary of the advantages of writing by hand and we will also tell you briefly what are the comforts associated with new forms of writing, although may already know them all. Let’s check.

What are the advantages of handwriting?

There are people who have a horrible handwriting, like me, and we should actually leave aside traditional forms of writing, pens and notebooks. However, somehow writing by hand is still very appealing for us. We don’t know why, but we can’t just abandon this process. This may be because deep down our subconscience knows what is best for us. Since writing by hand has such the following advantages: promotes creativity, critical thinking and the recovery of memory.

A lot of the great works of literature that were written at a time, when typed writing was already possible, were better if created by hand first.

On the other hand, it has also been proven that if a group of students has a task to write essays on a specific topic, the results of those who do manuscript work are usually better than those they write mechanically on the computer keyboard. But of course, they all need a guide which can be taken from professional writing services such as

Benefits of Writing by Hand

Learning and memory recovery are the keys, because when writing by hand repetitively, our brain reprocesses information more efficiently than if it is done linearly through keyboards. In addition, filtering is favored of what is really important and what is not.

  • It helps to learn to read and write

Nowadays there are many programs and applications that give very good results in children’s learning, but copying handwriting will always be one of the first tasks they do when they are learning to read. This is because if they are the ones who “draw” the letter it will be easier for them to learn it for the next time they click on a simple keyboard.

  • Ease to make schemes

Let’s not fool ourselves. Most text editors have great applications for making graphics and layouts, but none of them will ever outweigh the benefits of scrawling on paper. Doing it by hand is much easier and faster and allows us to order ideas directly as they come to mind, so it will be easier to study or organize the work when writing texts, both academic and literary. In addition, it is a method that is also very useful in solving mathematical problems.

  • It prevents distractions

When we speak of typing in our day we probably refer to the use of computers or any other device with an Internet connection. Big mistake! It is true that some studies say that stopping on the road to take a look at any website can help us be more productive, but the fact is that it usually gets out of hand and that little break becomes something more than a simple glance.

Therefore, having only paper and pencil in front is a way to concentrate on what really matters (unless what you care about is the kitten videos, then go ahead with those keyboards).

  • Misspellings are avoided

Although the normal thing is to write looking at the screen and checking if we have made an error, usually ends up becoming a monotonous process that we can pass unnoticed that little misspelling that the corrector has not pointed out.

Anyway, the comfort of electronic devices is undeniable, but you can never get over the smell of the pages of a book and the pleasure of passing them.


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