Winter Tropical Rain

Tuesday, 12.3.19

This evening, I went to Turtle Rock community for a local hiking meetup. It was a surprisingly warm day, or at least not as cold as yesterday. But as we walked 1/4 of the way, it started to sprinkle. We decided to walk back before it turns to pouring rain. As we were walking back, it stopped raining, and the sidewalks were dry in some areas. There were light sprinkles at the end. It was like tropical Hawaii weather. I decided to go home, although the rest went out to eat. 

At the end of the walk, we realized we only walked a little less than 3 miles, although I had 3.6 miles because I had walked to the UTC post office earlier. When I arrived home, I noticed I walked 4.1 miles, which made 9,527 steps and one floor. 

Someone mentioned it will rain more later. 


What do you think?


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