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Wildlife at the Lake

On the shores and parks around Lake Ontario (Canada), there are so many wild animals, especially birds! Besides the small birds which are very tough to photograph, there are many water birds everywhere. I was lucky enough to see them on my last walk by the lake.

Black Cormorant

This black cormorant was keeping its beak open. It just finished eating a fish and I watched it eat its food before it began to make a call to other birds. It is such a pretty bird. 

Three little turtles

If you look closely at the log, you will see three very small turtles sitting there. I think they are baby turtles basking in the sun...no doubt the mother was somewhere nearby. 

Lonely Duck

Here is a solitary duck enjoying some shade on the dock. It was a very hot and sunny day so the duck was just "chilling" by the lake. 

Mama and Baby Duck

Here is a photo of Mama duck and her baby sunbathing...the little duckling is the only one left and mama is taking care of it and keeping a close eye on it. It even chased the other ducks away.

Great Blue Heron

If you look closely, you will see the great blue heron (I think that is what it is) lurking in the grass preying on some insects. 

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