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Wildflowers in Southern California

Today I thought I would highlight some of our Flora. The wildflowers that bloom here. This last year was a wet year, so we had a lot of fodder!

I live 1 mile from the beach in Oceanside, California. It is centrally located between Los Angeles and San Diego. It’s a small town with 3.5 miles of beach and a lot of hiking trails which I take full advantage of.

The average weather here is 70 degrees.


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  1. Your photos are gorgeous. I’m going to flip this post so I can refer back to it when I have wildflowers I want to identify. The Scarlet Pimpernel is considered a weed by most people because it often grows in their flower beds. I tend to leave it be, since, as you say, it is a lovely plant, tiny, but still beautiful. I don’t know the names of those cacti either, but I see a lot of them around here. That’s the best photo I’ve seen of the castor plant. I love the way you show leaves and berries. It helps people identify plants better to actually see the parts.

    • That first sentence is such a compliment, and really cool. I can do that to a few people here, yours are one of them with your art style for the covers, so I do know what you mean. I love those tiny pimpernels, the whole plant is about 1/4 to 1 inch. So tiny and perfect. The unknown is a succulent that hitched a ride from Australian they think by the landing gear on a plane.

    • I need to get out and take some pictures of this cool tree that just started to bloom last week. And our maples are starting to turn color!!! Go take those flower pictures, can’t wait for the post. I wish you could tag ppl here.

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