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The Wild West of Auckland – Piha Beach

Here are a few photos of the Surf at Piha beach. They are giant size weighing several tons and the sound of them crashing is quite a large boom! I never get tired of the sound of the sea, but the surf here is impressive and something quite special.

You can never predict which way the wave is going to fall or how high the spray of the water goes each time round. The size of the wave is the size of your house roof top and even larger. Strong swimmers can not withstand the sheer force of the waves. In fact, strong swimmers have drowned at Piha beach.

This is a photo story of Surf at Piha on “the rocks!” The wild West of Auckland, New Zealand and it’s been here for centuries!


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Written by Pamela Moresby


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  1. Your great pictures show how fierce the waves in Piha bach!!!
    Looking at your photos in this post, I remembered my brother’s words a few weeks ago while looking at my collection of paintings which one of them is entitled “the Danger of Tears” that I have posted before, he said “Painting like this is not well to displayed at home, especially in the living room, because the tides, especially the sea storm, will be a bad energy from the house “.

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