Why do farmers choose to grow GMOs?


GMO’s are genetically modified organisms.  The reason why farmers in the USA use GMO’s is that the crops become resistant to pesticides.  With less crops being destroyed, the farmers receive a larger profit.  However, the crops are sprayed with pesticides.  Those pesticides remain on the crops even if you watch the food products.

Nevertheless, this shortcut to more profits have led to about 99% of fields owned by farmers using GMO’s.  The problem is that every shortcut has consequences.  Although farmers made more money in production, the farm bankruptcies have gone up 20% this past year.  Since the seeds are genetically modified, that means that the farmers are not able to use the seeds from crops that they harvest for next season.  Instead of being sole proprietors, they have abandoned their financial independence by going all-in with Monsanto, the manufacturer of GMO’s.


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