When a True Scientist Refutes Man-Caused Catastrophic Global Warming

For at least 30 years, we’ve been repeatedly slammed by global warming alarmists who say that because of the activities of man, our climate is warming at an accelerated and catastrophic rate. The alarmist’s claims have been disproved so many times that it is silly, yet they keep on with their doomsday scenarios. Unfortunately, many people are taken in by their arguments and otherwise intelligent, knowledgeable people are swept up by all the feldercarb and believe it without question.

I’ve done my best through the years to show the fallacies of their proposition. I try not to argue the point, simply because arguing solves nothing. Neither party changes their minds based on an argument. Simply giving the facts is a better form of persuasion. For this reason, I’ve pointed out that the ‘facts’ presented by global warming alarmists are in error.

For example, a common argument is that ‘most’ scientists believe in anthropogenic (man-caused) catastrophic global warming. The truth is that a majority of scientists have never believed in any such thing and have never supported such a hypothesis. Even counting “climatologists’ as true scientists, this wouldn’t be true. Climatology isn’t a true science because we know so little about the climate and because it doesn’t follow the dictates of true science. I am a climatologist, in fact; one of well over 950,000 in the US. I’ve never been polled and doubt that I ever will be.

The fact is that there is far more evidence to disprove anthropogenic catastrophic global warming than there is that supports it. 

What does this have to do with a true scientist? I already admitted that I’m not a true scientist. However, a man named Dave Burton is. He has the credentials and the history. On March 7, he answered the question, “

Did 30,000 scientists declare that climate change is a hoax?

Dave’s answer not only totally refuted the idea of anthropogenic catastrophic global warming, but he also did what true scientists do; he cited a lot of sources that can be easily checked. It isn’t a short read because he is detailed, but he shows why most true scientists who express an informed opinion don’t agree with the man-caused global warming theory. People who don’t want to be open-minded and willing to be swayed by the truth probably won’t even read what he wrote. They may not truly want to know the facts. It is hard to admit that you are wrong, after all. For others who have an open mind, though, this is quite enlightening and it takes the whole point in a way I never thought of. 

The article can be found at:

There are many answers and opinions expressed to the question, so you may need to scroll to find the answer by Dave Burton. It is worth the effort, though. It is astounding what sort of reason and common-sense rears its head when a true scientist actually answers a question about man-caused catastrophic global warming. This is truly a refreshing, calm, and logical read that is in response to a highly emotional topic.

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Written by Rex Trulove

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