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What is your favorite posting option?

You have decided to write a story, poem, or share your photos or art through a story. You click on the create button, but what then?

What option do you use? We have several to choose from here on Virily.

Recently I was talking to a fellow member about the word limit, or rather word requirements.

One thing that would be helpful I think would put the minimum word requirement right were the explanation of each category is. Say for instance you have these categories when you choose to create: Put the word requirement on each tab.

Story (Mix text with images and embeds) (Minimum of 50 words) I have used this one a lot. I like this one, if I take you on a journey, like a hiking trip where I don’t want the pictures mixed up. I use this one if I want my pictures to stay in the order I put them.

Personality Quiz (What type of person are you?) Do the quizzes have a word limit? If so it should be listed here.

Trivia Quiz (What do you know about…?) I am not sure if there is a word limit on the trivia quizzes. I have made some quizzes but seem chatty enough not to even count words.

Open List (Everyone  can submit new list items and vote up for the best submission)

Ranked List (Everyone can vote up for the best list item.) I like this one, I use it if I don’t care in what order the pictures are in.

Classic List (A list-based article) I guess each is numbered. I haven’t used this one.

Gallery (A collection of images) The word requirement for this one is 150 words I believe. For this reason I have not used it yet, but am trying it today on this post.

Embed (Facebook post, Twitter status, etc) This one was confusing for me. Not only is this for posting Facebook and Twitter statuses this is the way to post GIF Videos!  ( I think) If so, this should be mentioned here.

Image (JPG, PNG or GIF) This one also requires 50 words. I think this should be lowered to 25.

So, which do you use? Have you tried them all? Why do you prefer to use ___ ?

This might be interesting to know, and we might learn more.

So here is my first post using the gallery!

I woke up yesterday morning to one of those sunrises. Fellow photogs know the ones. You take a thousand shots. Here are just a few below, straight out of the camera. I use a cheap point and shoot Fujifilm, but it does have 16 megapixels.


What do you think?

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Written by Kim_Johnson


  1. I use this exact format. If I don’t have enough words in my post, Natalie is happy to reject it for me. I am unclear on if the 150 word minimum refers to the aggregate of the entire post or just the first block

    Actually I am less than clear on how a lot of this works. It seems arbitrary…

    • Yeah I dont have any idea why there is not a set place with all the information. I believe it is a word count for all text in a post, not just the heading. I could be wrong though. You only need 50 words for all the rest of the formats, except this one.

      • On the other hand, this may all be in an FAQ somewhere that I haven’t bothered to read yet. There could be a centralized location for all of it but I’m too busy to look it up

  2. Very interesting post, Kim. Mostly I use the trivia quiz template, where you need a minimum of 8 questions, and I’m not sure about minimum wordage. I’ve used open lists a few times, but as others mentioned, got very little interest. I’ve had repeated technical problems with the story template. I would like to use it more, but can’t until I get to the bottom of the problems.
    I believe that all of the lists display only 10 images per page and I think this should be increased to at least 20, and there is a big reluctance to click on that ‘Next page’ arrow. I noticed that the ‘My Cute Pet’ contest displays 20 images per page, but I think they’ve made an exception for that, so there’s clearly an available switch.

    • I love the trivia template, so easy to use. I haven’t had any problems posting in stories, hopefully they get the problem worked out for you. I agree that when you write long posts, and add more than 10 photos, that it does go to page two. People do not like clicking page 2. I read that somewhere when I was researching, How to write a story. Most articles mentioned this. I have also learned that if you make smaller paragraphs it is more pleasing to the eye, and people will tend to read it, whereas if you have just one body of words, not seperated people will more than likely not read it or just scan over it. Thank you for your input Norman, as number 2 on the ranks in Virily your opinion means a lot.

      • Oh, but about the more pictures per page, that means the photos will be smaller and not as easy to see, so I am okay with the 10 photo per page. I wish the photos were clickable so you could view them larger. I cannot do that, might just be this old machine I use.

        • Oh yeah, and about breaking into paragraphs rather than one monumental block of text – you’re so right! But Virily inserts ads between paragraphs (which can break a story up too much, I find) so there is a balance to be sought there 🙂

          • Yes, I noticed that as well. Gotta love the ads. not. Oh and speaking of ads. I only see wrinkled old people having facelifts n stuff. over weight old women, and how to lose weight, and movie star stuff. lol I could use a facelift, but if I lost more weight I would blow away, I only weigh 100 lbs. What they must think. lol. I do not follow what movie star did what, I don’t care about them at all.

        • Whatever about the inline ads, down below where you see “What’s Popular Now”, I’ve been getting grossed out for weeks by the acres of female skin (don’t get me wrong, I’m quite partial to female skin – when in context!) flooding my screen with stuff like “10 most embarrassing bikini fails” and the like. But I decided to click on the little ‘?’ beside the words ‘Sponsored links’ there, and it offered me the option to display family-friendly ads only. So now I just see several pics of your president. Not sure if it’s really an improvement 😀

      • I’m pretty sure you can’t click on the pics. But having more photos on a page wouldn’t make the pics display smaller, it would just mean more scrolling. Take a look at that contest and you’ll see the pics there are the same size as on other posts even though there’s twice as many photos on a page.

  3. Love your pictures. I haven’t tried all models yet as I have only submitted 4 articles. I need to spend some more time here and submit other articles I have under different models.

  4. I think I used them all except the personality quiz and the classic list. Most of the time, I use the gallery and the image because I am into photography and arts.

    • Wow, thank you LaJenna, although this post is the first post I have made that has a down vote, I am glad you like it. I was just curious as to how people post on here.

  5. Firstly, I love all the photos! I use galleries a lot because I like to see which photos I post are liked the most. I also use images and stories 2nd most. I think I have created 2 quizzes so far.
    Great post!

    • Thank you for the compliment, glad you liked them. I will have to try galleries more often, I don’t seem to have a problem filling the word count. Thanks for your input.

      • That’s good that you don’t have a problem with the word count…I don’t seem to either. Sometimes I use a word counter tool to make sure…but I always have more than enough! There was one site that wanted 400 words (I forget which one) so 50-150 is a lot easier!

        I think the galleries are a great option so I’ll look forward to more! 🙂

    • I like the story option, and use that like I said when I dont mind in which order the photos are in. The lists make more Virils, so if I don’t mind in which order I will use a list. I tried the open lists for awhile but no one really likes them. I am not sure why..

  6. I usually enjoy writing quizzes and articles. I don’t think the images should necessarily have to have a high word #. Articles should be up to the poster, however, there should be a minimum word # limit. What is your opinion of a (too lengthy) article? Should someone write one, it’s up to the reader to read or not to continue. The postings should be moderated faster, it becomes frustrating to wait. Also not updating your file every day is unacceptable. I’m becoming tired of this site already.

    • Thank you for your insight. Now to answer your question. I do not like lengthy articles and have wondered at times if mine were too long. I usually try to keep all my posts just one page long, or under 10 images, although if I do have something I find interesting I do break my own rule.
      I am really sorry to hear you are tiring of this site, just remember they are new and are really trying to make this work. Sites like this make such a little income they have to think outside the box. I hope it all works out and the site is successful.

  7. Oh Kim, you made me think of good old days, when during college time, I used to watch sunrise while going and at times got late quite intentionally; just to observe sunset and the returning-home birds. Brilliant post by all means.

  8. I like sunset pictures. I personally use Gallery and Image. Once I tried to publish my own video. But it does not go directly. First you have to upload it to Facebook. This is very uncomfortable. I tried the Open List but no one is looking at it. And I do not use it. Although there are more points I do not use Quizs.The reason, and that is, that
    Automatics translator does not work well.

  9. Beautiful shots. I use the gallery a lot and never knew about the word requirement.
    I also like the story option as well. And the quizzes are fun, more points of course.