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What is Monsanto doing in Puerto Rico?


Even Hurricane Maria could not get rid of Monsanto in Puerto Rico.  The manufacturer of the weed killer RoundUp is owned by Bayer AG Pharmaceuticals.  Monsanto uses thousands of acres of land given to the United States of America due to tax breaks so that they can experiment in Puerto Rico.

Monsanto is creating crops that are genetically modified organisms (GMO) which are impervious to pesticides.  However, they put the same chemicals in the crops.  Those chemicals, such as glyphosate,  have been proven to cause cancer.  In Puerto Rico, residents complain of watery eyes, itching, burning, rashes, and colds even though Puerto Rico is a hot climate.  Maybe President Trump needs to send more than paper towels the next time he is Puerto Rico.

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  1. That you for posting. I have shared and discussed this video with friends on another platform. It is especially worth noting that while they must import 85% of their food that their land which should be growing food is being poisoned by corporations who have no right to monopolize their land. Hawaii has also been damaged by Monsatan. (now Bayer) Cheers man! Our policies in the Caribbean make me deeply ashamed of my country often.

  2. Monsanto is creating crops that are genetically modified organisms (GMO) which are impervious to pesticides

    just to be clear, that statement is wrong. The GMO plants are resistant to pests. Not pesticides. a pesticide kills pests.

    the other rumor, about the impact on humans is an internet myth.

    • It’s still bad because they put glyphosate in the plants that cause cancer. Cancer is not an internet myth based upon all of the lawsuits against Monsanto from people whom obtained non-Hodgkins lymphoma from glyphosate in Monsanto’s products.

      • 1. didn’t say cancer was an internet myth
        2. your data is suspect. Monsanto is currently being sued for chemicals that cause cancer for the Roundup product. There are no GMO lawsuits in Puerto Rico against Monsanto for GMO products.

        You noted the other day that I misspelled a word in a title.

        You have published an article that has multiple errors. You start off by stating that Monsanto is making Pesticide resistant plants. That is not even something that anyone would do. And Pesticides don’t impact plants normally. They impact the bugs that are flying around.
        Then your response to me was that I said Cancer was an internet myth.

        if you are posting things like this, please stick to facts.

        Monsanto has multiple lawsuits
        but the facts you are listing have to do with the product ROUNDup not GMO plants.

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