What Does Chemistry mean?

Chemistry is a subject that is more than learning the periodic table of elements, electron configurations along with atomic numbers and weights. This is a subject that affects humans wherever they happen to live their lives. Chemistry affects the food we eat, how we care for ourselves as well as making us look either pretty or handsome. Chemistry also is a subject that could be combined with other subjects like nursing, advanced math courses and if research is your thing history and even literature.

When we learn the many facets of chemistry we can improve the way cosmetics are made and used, improve how vitamins can help us feel good and even how to make our foodstuffs better for us to eat. Chemistry is a subject that also helps us with our mental health as well as keeping physically fit. This is a subject that as in social studies and history and literature is about ‘The Survival of the Fittest’.

Chemistry is about showing the many relationships between areas of study.


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