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We finally found a new trail!

To the wonderful El Salto Falls in Oceanside, CA. 

I have been visiting these falls since I was a kid, we used to ride our horses to the beach and stop here for a break.  This is deemed a sacred fall by the Native Americans here and has been used by them for a long time, before the Spanish and our people came. 

Long before the waterways protection act went into effect, there used to be a Gravel Company that owned the land around it and moved big boulders to the side of it, and also dumped oil and chemicals into this creek and fall. The company was shut down, fined and tons of dirt removed. 

It sat closed off for years and years. It is still closed to the public. Now where sat the gravel company is about 500 houses. The water in the creek is now good enough for animals to drink and has been for years, but we still have a problem with foam from detergents running down, when we get a good rain.

Anyway, here are the photos we took. I say we because my youngest son went with me, and I am afraid of heights. The high shots are his. lol 

We also took Meika, Luna and Penny with us. So beware, more dog pictures included.. 

This tier of the fall is the fourth and largest of them. There are around 6 tiers.. 

There is this line of boulders attached to the other side just out of frame on the above. 

The water hits the boulders and winds around the other side, going down to more boulders.

And the dogs love this part of the falls. Meika grew up running and swimming in these falls. But when the construction began on the new houses, it was fenced off. No way in. It was about 2 years ago the last time we went. 

It was Luna’s first time. She is cautious as she watches Meika.

She has learned that not all water is as shallow as it seems, and is delighted when Meika comes on land! 

Running around like a … LUNAtic? 

I had asked, “Luna, what is in your mouth??? 

I got this look.. I don’t have rabies mom, I was catching the bubble monsters!! Notice the little dog in the back? 

Her name is Penny, likes to wade and prefers to keep her coat dry..

The color of this water is so beautiful. Notice the line of boulders Meika is standing on?

It is a drop off. Luna is very cautious of the edge, while Meika is very sure footed. She stands on the edge. 

Looking all regal n stuff.

She treats the pup as her own.

Here she is cautioning the pup of the edge. 

And showing her the safe way down to the bottom tier. 

Where by this time my son is fishing. I had hours of time on my hands.. as you can see by my shadow selfie. 

And I got hundreds of pictures. I have picked out a few more to share with you, but for now I am on my way to work. Look for more to come tomorrow, and have a great day! 


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Written by Kim_Johnson