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A Visit to the Natural History Museum, Islamabad

Yesterday we decided to take our children to the Natural History Museum.

The Museum has four divisions namely Botanical Sciences, Earth Sciences, Zoological Sciences and Public Services. The first three divisions are engaged in the collection, preservation, identification and research activities pertaining to plants, fossils & minerals and animals resources of Pakistan respectively, while the latter is responsible for  education and popularization of the natural history through various displays, exhibits and dioramas.

The place is good for basic knowledge for children but a lot still needs to be done to make it more technologically advanced. Children don’t usually find things in glass cases exciting. I don’t know how such museums are run in other countries but I feel we have very diverse and magnificent biodiversity but the museum fell short of my expectations.

But here are a few pictures from our trip. I hope you enjoy them.

All pictures are from my own camera.


What do you think?

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  1. You make some interesting remarks. This museum has all the appearances of our Irish museums at the time of my childhood (some years before your own 🙂 ) which did not seem in any way inadequate to me at the time. But everything is built on expectation. I’d be curious to hear how your children enjoyed their visit, and what they got out of it.
    I have no doubt that. during my childhood museum visits (which I loved) museums in England and America were far more advanced than our own, but I simply wouldn’t have been aware of it.