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Victim Of Politics ~ 365 Photos Challenge #95

This is a group of yellow frangipani flowers. Another name of this flower is Plumeria which has several types of flower colors, white, yellow, pink, dark pink, and red.

For herbal users for healing, beautiful and exotic frangipani trees have enough benefits to be gained from its stems, sap, and flowers.

Without many people knowing or remembering, historically this tree with its beautiful flowers has even been a victim of religious politics. There is a long period in which this flower is very popular and important for use in various ceremonies and religious rituals of a particular religion. To change the image and erase the ritual habits, a great cleric from another religion who has succeeded in presenting his religion then ordered that this tree is planted only in the cemetery so that the flower then has the image as a frightening death interest.

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  1. I was told that if you smell frangipani when there isn’t a tree of it around, it might means some “unseen humans” are here …. *runs*

    I guess it was wrongly translated from a Chinese saying of “frangipani has ghost” (Direct translation) which should actually means “frangipani is very fragrance”. BUT it’s my GUESS, may not be true.

  2. Oh, I remember this! Lovely plant, very valuable. America has a similar thing going with cannabis. Very political, for some, quite spiritual. Others it scares the human juice out of. How pathetic, plants are good people!


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