Unique Walking Stick that does not required support to stand

When the aged people start walking with the rod, they have to bend several times to take the rod, which is very painful for elder people. A stick has been designed to eliminate the problem that is firmly standing on the ground without the hand support.

A Greek designer has prepared this stick named Cudia. Strong and lightweight stick is always standing straight and firmed, even if you release it from hand and it automatically take the standing position which is easy to find and catch for elder people.

During the designing, its center of Gravity  is placed at the lower bottom. Through the cudia stick, elderly people can go with this stick easily. Due to elderly weakness if the stick is lost by hand, it becomes straight and it is easy to catch again.

The stick made from the seesa metal is lightweight and strong, its base are well kept on the ground and prevents the elderly from flipping.

The Greek designer, Michael Dima’s old mother’s knee is weak, and while looking at them, this stick has been made. It has also been used in addition to the seesa called Culer 49.

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