Trees Photography You Must See

Here are a few different trees around us in Auckland New Zealand and some are found all over New Zealand.

There are a wider variety of types of trees. We have a very wide range of greens.

Trees are beautiful, they clean the air and give us oxygen.  Some of them clean the waterways too. Trees are special. The more trees there is the more our environment improves.

They are restful for the eye and gives birds a home to build their nests, some produce fruit that we eat. Altogether we are truly blessed with the gift from trees.


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Written by Pamela Moresby


    • Thanks so much Sid, I imagine our trees would be very different. White europeans settled in New Zealand and took some of the trees from different parts of the world with them and that helped with home sickness. It was a 6 months sea voyage and so the distance was even further than it is today.