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Titirangi Beach

These are a few recent photos of Titirangi Beach that I took yesterday. A few birds around and plenty of New Zealand Bush. 

A selection of different shore birds are here.

#1 Duck

Swimming towards me is a duck.

#2 Caspian Tern

Coming in shore.

#3 OysterCatcher

Preening itself.

#4 View of one side

Of Titirangi Beach

#5 BlackBacked Gulls

The one on the left is younger than the one on the right. It still has some brown patches and is almost 2 years old.

#6 Titirangi Bridge for the river

There is a stream that goes through and ends up going to the sea of the Manukau Harbour.

#7 Two Oyster Catchers

Looking for food in the sand

#8 Caspian Tern’s arrival

The Caspian tern arrives on the beach.

#9 Duck

This Duck is walking towards me.

#10 Titirangi Beach Bird Life

A variety, Duck float and oyster catcher on the left, next to 2 Caspian terns with the red bills. However an oyster catcher with a red bill is sitting down and on the right is a young Black Backed Gull

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