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Time to run some errands..

Let’s go for a drive..

. Forgive the reflection from the window. These photos are straight out of the camera.

First off I had to stop and get a prescription filled, and noticed these beautiful Kangaroo Paws in yellow and red.

This flower makes a great cut flower. Also, the shape and position of the velvety antlers enable pollen to deposit on the heads of feeding birds. The pollen is then transferred from flower to flower.

Next is a beautiful yellow tree in full bloom I noticed while exiting the freeway. Notice the wind blowing?

Coming to a T in the road there was a very long traffic light. Waiting to turn onto the road we lived on when I was 4 yrs old I had plenty of time to ponder. ..

I still remember my address on South Santa Fe. It was named this because of the Santa Fe Railroad it runs along.

Yup, very long light. We sat here.. enjoying the Thunderstorm building over the mountains. You can usually see them from everywhere you are in the county. We have Palomar Mountain, Julian, Cuyamacca a whole mountain range leading into Mexico.

Did I happen to mention that this is a really super duper long light? What’s a hobby photographer to do???

The one below is a bit pixelated…. Meaning you can see the dots. I had to share it though because this cloud was just so awesome. It reminds me of a bomb..

Did I mention that the light was long?… Still sitting here…

Well, time for more sky photos right? I need to stop and get some gasoline, the station is just around the corner…. Will I ever get there?

Aha, light changed. I made it to the gas station…

Across the station I noticed a Target Semi Truck. Yup, I loved the patterns and its look against the hills..

I feel like I spent all day at the dreaded light…. Remember to always be patient, and snap pictures!!


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