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Thursdays Reflections – A Series of events.

We begin with a series of Duck reflections in Mooney’s Creek.

Now, we have a rat problem in this area. I am not afraid of rats, but I object when they chew through the electrical wiring in the ceiling and off course, they get off scot free and don’t get electrocuted for all the trouble they cause.

Not only that, but Mooney’s Creek has had a plague of them. 

So a plan of action has occurred initiated by me. First, I rang the city council or rather emailed them, thinking they would ignore a common person, but some kind woman rang back..Guess what? The rat traps for them are set. 

I hate using poison but unfortunately, the rats will kill our beautiful birds especially the young and the birds are sabotaged by a rat population..

Next, I arranged for rat traps to be set in the roof and around the property, and yes, I have seen them…Im sorry we have to do this but in 3 months time, or less I will have to arrange for an electrician to check our electrical connections are safe, due to rat interference…

Well, see it, do it…the motto of many maybe world wide? 

I wish I could employ rats to do work for me, they are smart animals.


What do you think?

Written by Pamela Moresby


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  1. Those ducks are stunning. I assume the colorful one is the male. One year here in Canada we had a couple of ducks who used to come and nest around the backyard pond. They even once or twice knocked on the patio door for some corn. As for rats I am not a fan of them and some of them can be huge… Good luck in exterminating some of the rats…

    • Thanks History Gal, once saw on TV a video of a rat who could not stand untidiness and that rat put back all the tools of the untidy handyman back into the box..

      I am sorry to have to get people to set traps to poison them and wonder if in the future you could train rats to become good housekeepers?
      Unfortunately they chew through wires that could electrocute people so that is the end of that..

    • Generally with poisoned rats they die slowly and eat the rat bait over some time then they die.. I hate doing this but some people are doing that for me.
      Traps have been set for them..
      Maybe you can train the rats in the future to help people but not as is now..

  2. i was once teaching a class in a hotel when the power went off. A squirrel had chewed into an underground power cable, and sadly then completed the circuit.

    it was carbonized.
    we were out of power for nearly 4 hours.

    I ended up teaching the class outdoors!


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