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This is for the DOGS! You, and all the pet parents may look if you choose….

Continuing yesterday’s Reflection theme. Yesterday I posted reflections in water and shared ten pictures, but not one of them had a dog in it.Raven (Doc’s dog) mentioned this and I thought hey why not? 

So, here they are dogs in water with reflections. 


RUFF ruff fluff!  

#1 Meika

and that crazy reflection. 

#2 Meika the beaver.

#4 Maggie Mae

She passed 5 years ago. I miss her. She was 19 years old in this picture. 

#5 Meika loves to swim!

#10 Fun day!

I hope Raven and you all like these. Have a good day today! 


What do you think?


Written by Kim_Johnson

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  1. Not all dogs like to swim. There are also those who do not even want to get into the water. I say this because I have personal observation. There are places near the sea where there are water bodies like pools. I have seen owners forcing their dogs into the water. Others enter but almost immediately exit .. Yours all love water. I think Meika loves swimming the most! These are wonderful walks for all of you and the dogs.

    • True they don’t. Our hiking buddy Miss Penny does not like water to touch her. If she is extremely hot on a hike she will wade in the water but just her feet get wet.
      I have also seen these people trying to force dogs into those little tide pools. That is not the way to get the to love water, it is the way to make them hate water. It has to be their choice to enter. I made it a happy game with these two. Run in first having fun and they follow. Sometimes it takes a few times, with Maggie she was five when I got her, and was afraid of bodies of water. It took her few months before her first swim. Meika does love to swim more than Luna, must be those partially webbed feet she has. Thank you and I am glad you come with us on them too!

  2. Your dogs love swimming. When I was young, we had a dog. I would take it to a stream to wash it. It was a high task. I would chain it on one end and the other to my leg. After washing it, I would take hold of the chain and take it home. If I left it without the chain on, it would rub itself thus dirtying itself or running away. When it did so, we would wait for hours for it to return.

    • Ah yes, that was hard to do. We used to go to the river to do the same thing with our dogs when I was young. We’d end up getting soapier and wetter than them. 🙂 I once had to wait over night at a lake. My dog chased a deer, and was gone. The next morning he showed up about dawn. I just camped in the car.


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