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This bad cold….

I have been reflecting on the year 2020.

 I have been wanting to write about this for the last few weeks as the news hit that there was a silent outbreak of the Covid19 in California as far back as the fall of 2019. 

What we didn’t know. There sure was a lot. The first word I got is in December when the outbreak in China happened. Word around here was this flu happened in China, most people only get the sniffles, but for the very weak or elderly people with compromised immune systems could die. 

Then I caught this really bad cold in early December. Man it was a doozy. I tried to let my body fight the cold by drinking a lot of water, eating oranges and things with a lot of vitamin c, and getting a good nights sleep.

 A few weeks went by, I was still working, and still had this bad cold. With Christmas getting closer and closer I was getting desperate to get better, so I finally made a doctor’s appointment, plus this cold just didn’t feel right. I am one of those people that avoid going to the doctor. I do not like it, so things have to be pretty bad for me to make that call and go in. I did that.

The doc listened to my lungs and his eyes got wide, and dilated a for a split second. He said you have full blown pneumonia in both bottom lobes of your lungs.  He gave me a strong antibiotic to cure the pneumonia.

 It worked and after a few weeks I was feeling good enough to go to my son’s house for Christmas, although the bad cough still lingered, and I had this rash with a few bumps on my neck and stomach, a few on my arms. It sure was itchy. I figured they were mosquito bites. We live very close to a creek and pond. 

#3 Even Penny was wondering what the hold up was.

They had all been really worried about me. I was in bed for 3 weeks total. I couldn't eat, just no appetite at all, that cold was so bad that I got so dizzy I couldn't even stand up and would run into the walls in the hall to get to the bathroom. My son joked that I had been drinking... 

#4 By January I was feeling almost back to normal and went back to work.

The few mosquito bites I had had turned into some very itchy rash, and its spreading. 

My tooth also started to hurt really bad. First the cold turning to pneumonia now this, and that darned itch is starting to drive me crazy. 

#5 I ended up by having to have the tooth extracted in early Feb.

I got this weird abscess on the roof of my mouth and had to go the ER. They drained it and gave me antibiotics to prevent infection.  

My son Jace got the cold from work probably, heck I have been over mine for a month. He never catches colds. The boy has had probably three in his whole life. They sent him home from work because he was so dizzy he fell down and couldn't get up for a few minutes. He rides his bike to work and had to take a taxi home because he couldn't ride. 

He gave the cold to my mom. She is 97 and went to the doc immediately as she had this dry cough, and was so dizzy that she fell and we couldn't get her up. Both me and my sister tried. WE had to call 911. She ended up in the hospital with a pneumonia. Finally after a few days they sent her home to rest in bed. She got better finally. It was a rough week. Seems she picked up some kind of stomach virus as well, and has a rash like mine. 

#6 Wonder what the rash is.

Never had anything itch this bad. I was afraid to go to the doctor with that virus that is just hitting the states, but I think it may be time. I was itching so bad. 

I found out the doctors office is closed due to the pandemic and are taking over the phone doc appointments. I just had to send them a picture of the rash. Very cool. They said it was probably scabies from the looks of it. I even posted about it here and showed pictures of the rash. 

#7 So after all that we have found out about this virus, I believe all three of us has had it.

We will be checked when the tests become available. The rash just finally cleared up all the way a few weeks ago. After I stopped taking the prednisone it came back. I was just too disheartened to mention that it was still bad.  I thought it was scabies until it didn't go away when it should of. It didn't itch while taking that med, until I stopped that is. I knew then it wasn't scabies. 

    • Jace was only down for a little over a week. Mom was better soon after she got out of the hospital, her rash was the last to go away. Me? I think it scared my lungs, I still cough. But maybe that was years of smoking, who knows really until we all get tested. Jace can be a donor if so.


What do you think?

Written by Kim_Johnson


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  1. You got it when the world did not know such a virus existed – may be just China.
    That was a bad phase you went through. But you have survived it all. You just need to follow the protocol suggested for this ailment and all be well.

    • I believe so. We will have to wait to find out for sure. I am so glad we all made it through now that I know what can happen. We still have been following protocol though, because we don’t know for sure. I still havent been to the store. lol I know you havent either, but are the cafes open yet?

      • Although we are in the green zone there are a few restrictions. No transport, no restaurants, no Malls but shops are open. In other words no activity where a crowd could be seen.

  2. Wow what a journey you all have been on. I hope the best for all of you Kim. Please stay safe and well and keep us updated. I wish I could do something. I am here if you need to talk. Hugs.


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