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There Is Love In The Air

Rose ringed parakeets are quite common here. But it is not often that I get to see them in the city. On a visit to my friends house far from the maddening crowd I couldn’t put my camera down. It was spring time a few years ago and the world was in love with itself. 

This is the story of two parakeets.  I hope the pictures would speak for themselves.

Two Parakeets in Spring

Love was in the air and the parakeets tried to be indifferent to the spring song. 

Testing the waters

She is ready, he thinks. Maybe he is right. She doesn't know her mind yet. 

Trying to woo his lady love

She is unsure or is she reluctant? Maybe she is just shy. He is quite clear about what he wants.  

Getting a little bolder now

He is getting bolder and she is stoic in her resolve not to give in. 

Hearts melt

and love overflows. In a trickle at first. 

The first kiss ever so light like butterfly on a flower. 

And love weaves its magic once again.

All is fair in love. 

Sorry for intruding upon you in your private moment but you two love birds make me want to capture this moment for eternity. 

Thank you for taking a look. These pictures here belong to the author. 


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  1. These are also here in Torrevieja Spain. They do a lot of mischief. Where there are fruit trees, they attack the fruits. I see them early in the morning. I also need to take pictures of them. Two or three days ago, I had a similar post with a photograph of two pigeons. Bird love is wonderful.

    • Yes they eat fruits and hang around fruit trees. They seem tom love flower buds too.. That is why they are on this tree.
      I remember that post. I responded to it. I have an exact similar picture of pigeons in love . Need to post it here and link your post to it. 😀

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