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The World Beyond and Past Lives

Dating back some 3,000 years or more is the thought that our spirits or souls reincarnate. It is an interesting belief as such and being very sensitive to the world beyond and having rubbed shoulder to shoulder so to say with spirits I would tend to believe this. It is also a strong belief that as we live each life we also come in contact with people who are now different but who we once knew in a previous life. I have a theory that perhaps that is exactly what happens when we meet our soul mates. We are meeting a person which we dearly loved in a previous life. A fascinating idea this really is. So how can we be sure or what are the signs to look out for that may give us a clue to all of this.

One thing is what we all know as déjà vu. It is a feeling that you have experienced what you are now experiencing at some time previously. It is a sort of eerie feeling. You are pretty certain you have been somewhere before but you just can’t think of when this could have been.

New York State has a house which if it still exists has something to do with my past. I have seen that house on several visits there and every time it just seems to call out to me. Perhaps someday I might have a chance to find out more. Many other different places I have been and then there are the times when I have had my name whispered in my ear by a voice which seems to be so familiar. Don’t doubt it, believe it.

Strange memories of things which we don’t associate with this life. Yet, we seem to remember something and we wonder why? It might be a memory or memories from a different lifetime. For me, it is especially confusing now because my parents had to emigrate during WWII. This meant that by changing locale perhaps they also changed mine. I have a feeling that I might have previously lived in Latvia as well. However the strongest feelings of previous happenings I do get and have gotten in the U.S.

We all have dreams and on occasion nightmares. Nightmares are very unpleasant experiences however they may just be memories of things which upset us or happened in a previous life. I have dreamt some very vivid dreams and those dreams which we cannot ever forget are those which are the most significant. There have been times when living in New York City I have specific dreams and then I tried following through like finding a street similar to what I saw in my dream and so on. Have I been successful? Yes, once or twice. Fears and phobias which we have might just stem from previous experiences which we once lived through. I always thought that my fear of height came from my grandma because she too was afraid of heights. That is one possibility however it could be that in a previous life I had an accident or something occurred to me which had to do with height and since that time I have this irrational fear.

To this, I must also add that a very dear friend whom I loved very much has given me much proof of the life he now leads in the world beyond. He always protested that there was no such thing and that we live once and die. He returned once when I was half asleep and half awake but my mind was fully functioning and gave me a wonderful good-bye kiss. Yes, I felt his kiss upon my lips and I knew it was him. Last night I believe he had some thoughts about how it is that his spirit life continues. I dreamt that I had heard of his death through a message on an answering machine. Then I got a message from him in which he says that he has been saddened by the fact that I would believe that he has died because he is very much alive. You see these messages can be interpreted in different ways but at least now I know that he continues on and for that, I am glad because I will never forget him.

There are many other different things which might prove that there is reincarnation. One more interesting thing is birthmarks. They say that there is evidence which shows that these might be part of the evidence. One story refers to an Indian boy who claimed that he remembered his life as a man known as Maha Ram. It was discovered that there was such a man once who was killed by a shotgun blast to the chest and the boy had birthmarks in the middle of the chest that possibly corresponds to a shotgun blast. I for one have an interesting row of birthmarks five all neatly in a row on my left upper arm which resemble the Milky Way. They could also refer to something from my past life.

So even if you have your doubts open up your mind to the possibilities and see what you can discover about yourself and past lives.



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  1. I am not sure if I believe it (reincarnation) or not, if it was true though, I think it might work something like this:

    We have one soul for eternity, but yes, that soul, does I think move around into various appendages, called bodies, as once a body dies, the soul does go to Heaven, but then it is given another chance to come back as spirit, or even as an angel, to visit the Earth, but not really ever into another human body, unless it never made it into Heaven, the first time.

    We have multiple chances then to make it finally into Heaven, and this brings us more closer to our soul, to God, and to love.

    • Very interesting outlook and quite feasible I think. I found an interesting saying from someone that when it will come to our last days we don’t have to worry because our friends and loved ones will be waiting on the other side and someone will stretch out a helping hand to pull us over that threshold.

      • Before my mum died, she had a dream of people meeting her and giving her a tour of Heaven. She came back that time though, not wanting my sister to find her dead in the morning.

        A few short weeks later my mother did die. This time my sister got a nudge to go in, and check on her, around 3 am in the morning.

        Mum was living out her time there, as she had been given only a short time to live, once she had been diagnosed with her cancer.

        So, my sister held her hand as she died, and as they looked deeply into each other’s eyes, she went, taking a final large sigh, and she was gone.

  2. Maybe we were sister in a past life! Although I am religious and believe in God, I do believe he sends souls back out to have another try at life on earth. And that we mingle with other souls sent back as well.

    I know I have abilities and I am learning how to move some of the walking on earth spirits on to something else, after going up and seeing the father. I feel more at peace and I don`t have to deal with them all around me all the time.

    So yeah, I believe.

    • You know I am a believer too. I had a revelation that the people we make friends with best here so to say for life and the people we fall in love with and stay forever are those we once had a life with in a past time. I could really believe that because I have felt comfortable right away with so many people it could only be that I once already knew them I am also comforted by knowing the threshold that brings us to the next world is never far away.

  3. I’m glad you wrote about this, RasmaSandra.
    There are not many people who believe in this, both those who adhere to a particular religion (because only certain religions have this belief) or vice versa those who do not believe in religion or God. Trusting that is the first step, while understanding, realizing and recognizing it is the next step. That is an important part of the search for truth for true truth seekers.


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