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The Top 13 Amazing Facts About the Human Body

What we don’t know about the human body far exceeds what we do know about it. The one thing that we know for sure is that the body is amazing in its workmanship and abilities. There are quite a few facts about the body that are quite astounding, too. The following 13 facts about the body are among the most fantastic. Some of these also can’t be explained by medical science. Only God knows for sure.

#5 Images

Although people aren't aware of it, when they look at something, the image that is transmitted to the brain is upside down. The visual cortex of the brain automatically flips the image over, so we don't realize that we actually see inverted images. Science is still unclear how the brain is able to do this.

#7 Neurotransmitters

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in the brain. Doctors often prescribe it to treat low blood pressure, heart failure, sleep problems, restless leg syndrome, and several other ailments. It is also important in the proper function of the memory, mood, learning, attention, and movement. This is one of the 'feel good' substances in the brain and it is produced when there is pleasurable stimulation, such as during eating and while having an orgasm. Yet, for some unknown reason, people who take dopamine or dopaminergic drugs are many times more likely to become addicted to gambling than those who don't.


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Written by Rex Trulove

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