The state of Pennsylvania released report on sexual abuse of priests with children

Roman Catholic priests attempt abuse with  thousands of children in the last 70 years in the US state of Pennsylvania, and used religion as weapon to keep mouth shut on this case.

State Attorney General Josh Shapiro issued a report based on 884 pages on Tuesday after two years of investigation, It has been said that the priests arose and prepared the children for   abuse and used them for their  satisfaction.This report contains most of the secret documents that were kept in churches. In these documents, the clergy confessional statement written by their own hand is included.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro said in a press conference that it is a matter of these priests have  abused children and forcing them to have relations. He said that this is the most comprehensive report of American history related to Catholic priests, These are the events that came to the scene in Boston almost two decades ago, and that the Roman Catholic Church was in worst situation.

The report has included many documents in which the victims were apologized and it was assured that such incidents would be stopped. The Attorney General said that these incidents took place in eight churches in six areas. He said that the general procedure was to commit abuse, then refuse that was not what happened and then cover it.

The attorney General Josh Shapiro said that the churches administration kept these events hidden for so long So that after the scheduled period, no action could be taken against such incident according to the law of Pennsylvania. He told to the reporters that priests target boys and girls for abuse and then kept these crimes hidden for decades.

The attorney general further said , In the state report 301 priests mentioned many of whom died while there are only two in them that can still be prosecuted. The Attorney General told reporters that the priest told the children, That this is a common thing and it is a sacred process and in the 1990s,  abused children from pastor priests came to an unexpected scene.

A Washington-based Cardinal resigned from its post after these allegation, that he had sexually abused a 16-year-old boy several decades back. In recent months, Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of several pastors in connection with the  scandal which has disturb the whole country and Christians across the world.


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