The Power of Water

Water gives life..Most human bodies is mainly water. Water has power and water cleanses and refreshes. We live because we have water to drink.

Human life, plants, animals and the earth itself is entirely dependant on water.

Here are some photos of this fascinating subject of water and I could watch water for hours.

#1 Just from Huia Stream

It was not so high to fall, but the deluge of water was powerful and roared all day long. 

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#2 Hunua falls

Almost as pure as a bridal veil and it roared all day. 

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#3 Kariotahi Beach

Here are the continual waves going in and going out, as we breath, yet constant. 

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#4 Waikato River

Reflections of this very deep and deceptively swift river which runs a very long way. 

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#5 A Gannet flying over the surf

A birds eye view from the Gannet colony viewing posts of Muriwai beach

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#6 Waves on the rocks.

Waves constantly coming and crashing on the rocks of Piha beach, a powerful force of nature and as large as an entire house. 

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What do you think?

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