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The Old Yarmouth Inn Restaurant and Tavern

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In Cape Cod in Yarmouthport in Massachusetts is the Old Yarmouth Inn Restaurant and Tavern. It was built in 1696 and today it is a high-quality restaurant and tavern. It is a two-story white colonial structure with an attic and a basement. There is an inn, three distinct dining rooms, and an informal tavern. The Old Yarmouth has the distinction of being the oldest inn in America. Interestingly enough before the Civil War, the owners were part of the underground railroad and hid runaway slaves in a secret room in the attic.

Strange Apparitions

The following apparitions have been felt or seen. In one of the guest rooms called the Quisset Harbor Room, a guest awoke in the early morning hours and discovered that a jowly individual with full cheeks dressed in a 19th-century costume happened to be interested as to why this particular guest was sleeping in what he apparently took to be his room.

A most frightening moment came for a guest who was afraid of ghosts. He awoke to find a ghostly form sitting on the end of his bed. The guest then hid under the covers after which the ghost started massaging his feet getting no response to this action the ghostly entity started to shake the bed. Frightened nearly to death the guest ran out on to the porch and spent the rest of the night there.

The dining room lights have a habit of going on by themselves. After all maybe ghosts also don’t like to be in the dark all the time. Unexplained cold spots and drafts have been felt by the employees and they have heard an unknown someone whispering their names.

Early one morning a relative of the owner went to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. While there the kitchen mixer started working by itself. Providing the entity with an amusing reaction to his or her prank. At another time a guest heading for the kitchen wondered how to open the door and a voice simply told her “Push!”

There’s also playtime in the bar. A female bartender has had to hold onto glasses while pouring drinks and there’s someone who likes to slide ashtrays the length of the bar and then flip them in the air. The worst came to a tavern customer who didn’t believe in ghosts. The air conditioner cover came undone, flew 10 feet across the room and grazed his head. The customer’s a believer now! Don’t make ghosts angry.


Window panes come loose at the hinges and doors open and shut by themselves.  Spirits enjoy themselves at the inn.


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    • I have a sixth sense and all my family could contact with the world beyond so I enjoy reading about the paranormal. I would also love to live places with actual ghosts to see how sensitive I would be to them, Anastasia.


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