The Laws of Physics – 3

The migrant crisis was met by ‘Saint’ Angela Merkel opening her borders and inviting in all who wished to enter.

At first, the Germans were proud of themselves.  

If they saw ‘a’ woman in a hijab at noon and did not see another until sunset, it was  okay.  But when they saw more than five a day, they began to note that their country was being ‘invaded’.

As they perceived this, as Merkel thought to dictate to the rest of the European Union how many refugees they should take, more countries blocked their borders.  More racist political movements moved into power.

As the years passed the ‘far right’ began to gain more supporters, and the United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union.

If Merkel had not been trying for a  halo but acting as a E.U. leader, she would have had ‘reception’ centres in other countries.

The migrants would be vetted, their identities known. A set number would be admitted each month so that the venues could be prepared and the migrants, distributed in various towns and cities.

The reaction to St. Angela’s open borders has made it far worse for migrants to Europe.


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