The joys and trials of being a Mom

Bury an orange and a banana peel, a paper, a plastic plate, a tin can, a polythene bag and a piece of bread in soil to see if they decompose or not.

Add sugar, talc, chalk, oil and salt to water and see if they dissolve.

Mix lemon juice/vinegar with baking-soda , mix cement with water, pour vinegar over iron fillings, immerse egg-shells in vinegar……

Join this battery to that and that wire to this and see if you get a circuit.

No, I have not gone mad but the “Try It Out” sections at the end of my sons’ science books are giving me sleepless nights and jittery days. I am walking on eggshells literally waiting for an explosion to happen any time that will blow my kitchen or TV lounge to smithereens.

Every day, they read a chapter in school and want to carry out a few science experiments of their own at home. It is making me fear for the things in my home, my fruits and vegetables and my EGGS and my walls and ceilings because my sons are busy mixing, boiling, filtering, dissolving and burying items collected from all the house.

When I was young and a student in school, there was more emphasis on reading, learning and memorizing the concepts but i am happy to see that nowadays greater importance is given to practical learning and children are encouraged to try out different concepts in schools and science labs.

I have never seen my children so enthusiastic about science before. My younger son wanted my ring and my husband’s watch for his sink and float test….my husband’s smouldering glare could have melted a few objects right there giving my sons a new perspective on science!!

My little scientists are having fun but things in my house are not safe any more.

The joys and trials of being a Mom!!


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