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The Great Storm of London

Way back on October 16, 1987, came the “Great Storm” whipping through London, England with winds over 98 miles per hour. During its journey through the city, 250,00 trees were toppled. There were 22 human fatalities reported in England, France, and the Chanel Islands. In one night altogether England lost 15 million trees.

After the storm, the newspaper The Evening Standard raised 60,000 pounds sterling to plant new trees in the 32 boroughs of London and the City of London. A year after this devastating storm an English oak tree was planted on October 16th, 1988 near the Charing Cross Station. There is a plaque that tells of the tree’s history and a second plaque that was installed in 2017 honors Angus McGill who was the newspaper columnist who started the fundraiser to plant the trees. Today it is nice to see this tree growing tall and strong as it stands watching people rushing to and from from the train station.


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  1. Every country I notice gets into action getting back what they lost be it in a storm or earthquake.

    We had a mini tornado in our property and we had to do that too. But no plaques (lol)


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