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The first snow this fall.

Robin Biznis December 16.2018 Belgrade

The weather is really variable. On Saturday I went to sunny, though cold weather, into a dying end of Belgrade to do reparation for one bath for bathing. Nice, sunny weather was.



That night it was snow falling. It was Friday.On Saturday it fell almost all day.Today, on Sunday, I made these photos of my yard.

On the well is a small for  bird house . I’m waiting for the birds  to come.Only the birds no  come, they have not come yet. I do not know the reason, but I’m worried.

Today, Sunday afternoon, my wife and I cleaned the snow from the path in the yard and around the house.Of course, and my this little Reno Clio.

Forecasts of meteorologists are that in the coming days, the weather will stabilize.Until then, I do not get out of the house without the need.

And the swing on the old tree Apple is waiting for the spring and my grandchildren.

When the Tree of cherry  open your own   flower I know that a nice time has arrived, I’m waiting this moment.


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  1. The snow around you looks stunning. But it must be very cold, right?

    By the way, what happened to the shower box and how did you fix it, Robin?

    It caught my attention because the shower box in one of my daughter’s bathrooms had broken because the base cement floor below was uneven. Now even more eroded because water enters through that crack gap.

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