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All is energy! Yet to some individuals, only certain “energy”, resonates.  As a personal experience, while all is happening at an extremely subtle level, when you take the inward journey, you gradually become aware, that the entire natural and spiritual world is vibration.The oceans of infinite waves surging, the rivers flowing, everything and everyone is locked eternally in a dance of countless vibrations in every atomic molecule. Orbs are none other than visible evidence of the existence of souls.


As you experience the reality of matter’s vibration, you also begin experiencing the reality of vibrations of your own mind: perception, consciousness, sensation, and reaction. Even Albert Einstein came to the irrefutable conclusion:“Everything in Life is Vibration.”The law of nature states everything has resonance or vibrates. If you’ve taken even the most basic of a chemistry class you should remember learning about atoms, and that everything is made of atoms. Atoms are in a constant state of flux or motion, and depending on the speed of these atoms, things appear as either solid, liquid, or gas.


Even sound is a vibration and so are thoughts. All that manifests itself in your life is there, only because it matches the vibration from your thoughts. Having said that, The existence of arguably, the most essential form of resonance, the resonance of your eternal soul or essence is emphatically denied by many, So, just because you don’t understand something, doesn’t mean it isn’t true.


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    • Thank you, one can only agree with this content when they have experienced deep soul searching, as, undoubtedly you have. It is not hard to do, it is merely placing yourself at a lower stage to that of your fellow creatures and the creator, a servant of servants.

    • Hello Olga, Thank you for commenting. What preceded these photos, was a discussion if my wife’s new Canon camera could photograph the orbs over our swimming pool. I said yes, any camera will do. So she went out and said very disappointedly that there were none. So I checked, and she was right there was nothing. I then went outside and asked “them” what they were trying to do here and to just materialize now. I told her to go out again and take the shot again and it will be crowded with “ORBS” so she did and this is the result. That’s the truth, who cares if it’s unbelievable or not?

  1. The Kybalion is a nineteenth-century document that summarizes the teachings of Hermetism, also known as the seven principles of Hermeticism. Its authorship is attributed to an anonymous group of people called The Three Initiates, although the bases of hermetism are attributed to a mystical alchemist and deity of some occult lodges called Hermes Trismegisto, whose existence was estimated in Egypt before the time of the pharaohs and , According to legend, was Abraham’s guide. On the vibration one of those seven principles, it’s great, I love this theme.

    • I’m fascinated by what you say, Oscar, while I regrettably have no knowledge of your undoubtedly accurate information and thanks for sharing it here. However, the content of my post is based on personal awareness and personal experiences in my own life, having spent many hours of my life as a Priest and finally choosing to “go rogue” relinquishing salary and other clergy comforts never to conform again to the purveyors of the political correctness of the dogmatic practice of rules of many religious factions, choosing rather, to practice the Truth as an act rather than speaking about it. IE walking the talk “Do unto others as you want them to do unto you”, I do that as closely as humanly possible, based on the selfless life of Jesus, the Son of man who was at the very least non-conformist and was in direct opposition to religious dogma of the day, all of which culminated in his death, by Caiaphas and his cronies, him being the high priest of the Jews, around A. D. 27 to 36, a Sadducee and a sworn enemy of Christ simply because Jesus came to make religion redundant, preferring to leave conscience up to the individual and not some chinwagging fellow with a tall hat. A true prayer is an act of random kindness.
      Thank you, so, that is who I am and where I come from.

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