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Swans on Lake Constance- a Memory of Grace and Beauty

It was quite a long time ago, but I still remember it as if it were yesterday, as it always happens with places which are dear to my heart. One day I went on a trip of exploration of the fascinating island of Mainau which lies in Lake Constance in Germany and one of the most exciting aspects of that journey was represented by a large number of swans I could observe near the shores of the lake.

Those gracious birds were so used to the presence of humans that we could get really close to them without any fear that they might react in a negative manner. It was a rewarding experience of interaction with those lovely creatures that has allowed me to feel a close connection with nature and the wild at least for a short while.

Nowadays whenever I have the opportunity of going out of town and spending some time outdoors I try to relive the magic of those moments spent on the shores of Lake Constance by keeping my eyes open to the wonders of nature that might appear in my path.

The beautiful and friendly swans of the mighty Lake Constance are just one of those wonders I was lucky enough to admire from such a close range, but they will certainly remain embedded in my memory as one of the most fascinating encounters with the animal world I have ever had.

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