Sunrise time!!

We had two fabulous sunrises last week in Oceanside, California! 

The first one was not as bright as the second. These are from my backyard, it faces east, so I get a good view of the sunrise in the mornings when it’s not foggy, and a great view of the sunset. 

We had a dry Santa Ana Wind coming from the desert combating our foggy marine layer. The fires to the north of us also help with the colors. 

The birds start to fly over. One seagull and one crow. 

The last one of this set. 

The next ones were a lot brighter, the pink started to pop. This is looking towards the southwest.  The clouds turned blue and purple..

The to the northeast, the sun is just getting ready to come over the horizon. 



Looking through the Pepper Tree..

And the last one! 

I hope you enjoyed the sunrises!! Thank you for visiting my backyard!! 


What do you think?

Written by Kim_Johnson