Stop spreading germs: Part 3

The above infographic about how to stop spreading germs during this coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak is listed on the website of the US Center for Disease Control (CDC).  Although we all should know these six parts already, it does not hurt to review these six things.

Part 3 is to avoid touching your eyes, your nose, and your mouth.  This one is the toughest to do because we all touch our face as a habit to make sure everything is OK from time to time.  The issue is that the coronavirus can last at least three days on a surface.  Touching that surface and then touching your face can cause for you to infect yourself.  Matter of fact, the average amount of times a person touches their face is about 16 times an hour.

I do not know how this habit is to be broken.  Find something to prevent your hands from being idle.


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