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St. Louis Cemetery No. 1

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Everybody knows that if you want to bump into ghosts then it’s a good idea to go to a very haunted location or to a cemetery. Well for the non-believers all I can say is until you actually experience an encounter with spirits I can just tell you about them. New Orleans, Louisiana has a very haunted cemetery and residents, visitors and even paranormal investigators look upon this cemetery as the most haunted cemetery in the world and the number 1 haunted cemetery in the U.S. Here you’ll find the haunted grave of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau. I would love to explore this cemetery because I have a strong sixth sense and my family all have had encounters with spirits at one time or another.

New Orleans had problems with burials before modern drainage was introduced due to the high water table. As a result of which you dug a grave in marshy ground and buried the dead then when the next great storm came the corpse would just float on out. The solution to this was to bury people above ground in tombs and mausoleums and cemeteries had some real architectural wonders to admire in the older cemeteries. St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 is the oldest in New Orleans and has an impressive European mixture of ornate marble tombs, crumbling memorials, and narrow, winding footpaths. Along any of these, you can come face to face from someone from the world beyond. Visitors to the cemetery have heard weeping and groaning coming from inside the crypts, while others have seen things like unusual mists to even transparent figures. The ghosts don’t rest in peace in this cemetery but seem to have formed a ghostly world of their own. On the wall of one tomb, an old male face has manifested itself but the most ghostly of all if the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans herself.

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Even though a great part of Marie Laveau’s life seems to be cloaked in folklore. In fact, there appear to be two – another Marie Laveau lies buried in St. Louis Cemetery No. 2. It seems that the real Voodoo Queen is in the first cemetery. It is debatable if she really lived to be more than a hundred years old and still looked like a sensual, young woman. This Voodoo Queen did leave her mark on New Orleans’s culture. There are people who specially visit her grave to seek her assistance in their own voodoo rituals and leave her small tributes and marking signs with powdery stone. The sightings of her began soon after her death in 1881 and still continue to this day.

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There is a Marie Laveau ritual held here every year by local Voodoo Priestess Manbo Sallie Ann Glassman. Meanwhile Marie Laveau has been spotted in the cemetery walking between tombs dressed in a red and white turban with seven knots in it. She appears to be mumbling an original New Orleans Santeria Hoodoo Voodoo curse to cemetery trespassers. It is said that this mumbling is very loud and very audible. It is supposed that she has become alarmed by the many vandals that come to the cemetery and how the cemetery itself appears. Personally I would love to see here but I certainly wouldn’t want to get in her way. For you disbelievers it would be easy to see if this was a hoax or not because keep in mind people see and hear her but then she just simple disappears so there is something there.

Those who visit the Voodoo Queens grave come bearing offerings like candles, flowers, good luck charms, voodoo dolls and many, many other things having to do with voodoo rituals. Some say they have seen her emerge from her tomb. A Devil Cat has been seen with red eyes and those who know voodoo say if you see this cat cross yourself three times and back away from it because you should never let this cat see your back otherwise you’ll forever be cursed to do the bidding of Marie’s spirit. One way or the other you don’t have to tell me twice I know to believe and I know to be very careful.

Some say that along with Marie Laveaus’ body her large snake called Zombi was buried. People have seen a large dark boa constrictor or black anaconda more than 12 feet long slithering among the tombs. The snake guards her tomb. Some teenagers once tried to chase the snake and saw that it just disappeared. It has been seen high atop of her tomb basking in the sun. A horrific story is that Zombi once followed a visitor back to her hotel room because she spit on the Voodoo Queen’s grave and then appeared in her bed and scared the wits out of her. Of course we can take these stories with a grain of salt but just think what if these things are all possible. It is better to not to mess with the things you are not sure of.

Others go as far as telling about secret Voodoo rituals being held along with drumming and screams well into the wee hours of the morning. Other times people have discovered fine china plates, cups, saucers and silverware all throughout the cemetery. Paranormal investigators have said that this is a result of an ancient Wiccan practice of the occult known as the “Dumb Supper” or “Feast la Morte”. This old ritual involves a mock table setting of a meal placed before a tomb or on top of a grave. It is meant to call the dead to answer your questions. Other times actual food or bottles of wine and other such items have been discovered.

Every day you can see ghostly cats and dogs walking about. Some say that these animals belonged to an 1800s cemetery keeper and were his guard dogs and pets. Others say that these dogs and cats are waiting for their owner who is buried in St. Louis No. 2 to return and feed them and take care of them. Other ghosts include a lost man who asks for someone to help put flowers on his wife’s grave and then just fades away into a mist. Referred to as Jimmy and appears as a heavy set man with piercing blue eyes, smells bad and has a few teeth missing. He looks very much alive even though he isn’t. He has been known to ask people for a ride home or to offer to carry small children. Some say he is a drunken ghost that sings songs and tells nasty jokes on EVP’s

Whatever the truth is I believe that spirits do exist and I have heard and seen enough things to know that there is something beyond what we know. I don’t fear the world beyond it fascinates me and I love to explore and get to know all about it.


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