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Sky Sunday – Sunset pictures and Silhouettes!

Here are some sunsets from Onehunga where I live. These are last nights. The thumbnail is one of them.

There are silhouettes as well.

I was looking out the back garden and first saw the silhouette of a sunset over the fence on a brick & tile unit over the fence. Took 2 photos and then went to the front door to get the orange yellow sunset. 

Then I thought “That”s that! Its over” and the next instant, the sky went a redder shade. 

#1 Over the Pacific Island church

You can see the night light coming on at the same time of the sunset,

#2 Reflection of the sunset on the flat over the back fence.

I hope no one saw me taking this photo, but I can see at least the blinds are down and once they saw this photo I don't think they will mind.

#3 Sunset Silhouette

This was one of the earlier photos I took last night. Isn't it interesting how the sky can just change in seconds?

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