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Sky for today

I like all nature of skies. The dramatic red sunset ones of course, and dark gloomy brooding skies too. But also these pastel pale ones. This one’s beauty lies in the clouds that I often describe as silks being stretched across the sky. Creating soft folds and draped in translucent layers… Here, the sun is lightly obscured and appears as a bright globe. Do you like these skies too or only the vibrant red orange ones?


What do you think?

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Written by ac khoo


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    • Glad you like it! I thought many might prefer the usual red skies and think this ‘dull’. I’m using a sony and am a loyal sony fan (my handphone too! Lol…) Am wishing I can afford some of the accessories and lenses… Haha, never satisfied!

      Thank you very much, Gina!

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