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Signs From the World Beyond

*Part Two from A Love That Never Dies

Hearing Their Familiar Voice

You might think that it is only in your mind but yes, you can actually hear their voices. They speak through our minds and I would say also through our hearts. I cannot quite explain how you know who is who but if you ever hear a voice in your ear listen carefully because I can tell you that you can recognize the voice. I have heard loved ones quite often and then once I know who is speaking I know how to respond. Yes, I also respond and you know the last time one of my very best friends contacted me it was wonderful to have the lingering whisper of “I love you” in my ear.

Electrical Activity

The spirits from the spirit world know that through electrical activity they can get our attention. It means lights turning on and off, static through TV or radio and even things that move. Well now don’t let me scar some of you but those of you who have experienced these kinds of things I’m sure you know that there is nothing to fear. Actually, I find it rather amusing. There I was a while ago listening to one of my favorite songs. The song reminded me of a dear friend who had passed on suddenly. I found myself remembering things about him and our times together. Then I was no longer sad but smiling and suddenly through the radio I heard his voice calling me as he so often had done, “Rasy”. I just laughed a little and I said hi and told him I was glad to hear from him.

I left my living room and turned off the light. Next up was a visit from my mom. Mom wanted the light on so as I passed the room to go upstairs the light was on again and when I opened the door I felt her presence so I told her good-night. The songs that are your favorites can also relay messages from your loved ones offering you the right words at the right moment.

Phone Calls from the Other Side

People who have had loved ones pass on have actually received phone calls from unknown numbers and then hear just static on the line. The regular phone being an object of electrical activity can be used as a device to contact. One very dear friend desperately tried to get in touch with me. I would be in bed late at night and the phone would ring. I grab it and I hear his voice and he is trying to say something to me. I shout into the phone for him to speak up and then we lose contact. He tried several times and since then there has been no more contact. I often wonder if this can happen through mobile phones as well.

Last year my husband (who has since passed on) and I were already sleeping and it was past midnight so it was already Halloween. His mobile phone rang and he answered but didn’t hear a thing. In the morning it appeared that one mobile phone had called another but I thought that perhaps since at that time of year spirits do come back perhaps there was another explanation and someone had tried getting in touch.

Symbols to Look For

It is also possible to have symbols to show you that your loved ones are trying to get in touch. For me, it has often happened just as one season changes to another.

Signs through Animals

Something unusual to do with any kind of animal since spirits can use the energy of the animal world. Last year we had a butterfly land on my late husband’s hand just as autumn was approaching. It came and it seemed not to want to leave us and I knew that was someone contacting us in a special way. It could be that an animal might do something unusual or cross your path when you least expect it.

Our cat Sid has expectantly waited as if for something while sitting on our garden gate and I saw movement through the garden shortly afterward. He has gotten quite spooky on full moon nights and then too spirits have been on the move. When my husband suddenly passed away last August I know Sid has seen him and he so loved his Papa that even though the sighting of him is different now he meows in real joy. Look at the photo I have posted with my cat Sid. He was sitting at my PC and I saw on the left side white swirls and I knew my darling had come to visit. I grabbed my digital and my hand was shaking so you see in the left corner my hand but you can see the white whisps and see a clear room on the right. After this shot by Sid was up and meow ecstatically.

Flower signs

Spirits have been known to send signs through flowers. The most important thing is to look for things like flowers growing out of season. If you get a flower sign it could mean a message from the world beyond. To understand who might be contacting you think back to the kind of flowers your loved ones especially preferred. It could be that you receive a bouquet of flowers and have no idea who sent them.

Last winter I was aware of a presence quite often in my house. It was like someone following me about. Going out for a winter’s walk and suddenly I saw something blue in the snow. I brushed the snow away and to my surprise saw a blue flower now wilted but it was still there under the snow. Then I remembered a very dear friend, who always loved blue flowers of any kind and my mystery was solved.

After my husband passed away even though it was not the usual time for blooming the Christmas cactus he had given me burst into bloom.


It should come as no surprise that apparitions are the most common form of spirits getting in touch with us. You can see a solid form, a hazy form or just something that will remind you of a loved one. Not everyone has the ability to see spirits but you can do it. I have seen my dad’s glasses hanging in the air and I know he is there. I have seen my mom in solid form and in hazy form. The oddest thing that has happened to me is that I have seen a hand or hands waving in the air. The last time this happened I immediately knew which of my friends this was. Being the brave and understanding person I am I simply said, “Come now don’t be silly.” “Either show yourself or give me your hand and let me know what you want.” A song that we both loved came on the radio and he and I sat side by side holding hands listening to it and then he just faded away. It made me feel so good all day long.

Understanding the Other Side

So do not despair when friends and family pass on. They are there just beyond reach and we can feel, hear and be with them at any time at all. Let it be a comfort to you and let them into your hearts. Keep on believing and they will always be a part of your lives.


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  1. No, I will tell you it is comforting. If my late husband did not come to see me I would be more devastated and it is wonderful to have other loved ones contact as well.

    • In the very beginning after my husband passed away last August a month passed and my Sid would wake me up at about 3 AM meowing in ecstasy. And it made me both happy and sad knowing my love had come to see if we were alright. I happened in the early days several times. Now it happens now and then Paul.

    • That is so true, Albert. I have discovered pennies on my floor in spots I have walked over many times and would have noticed them. Then I read that someone else also found pennies and knew they were signs. My pennies amounted to a sum I recognized as being the month of my husband’s birth. One thing that really excited me was discovering 2 tiny identical wood cubes in my shopping bag that I had filled and emptied many times going to the store. This was shortly before New Year’s and I wished him a Happy New Year too. They sit upon my dresser.

        • I have seen white whisps and if the contact has been strong then I can see them like they were in life through my dreams. I have felt touches, seen objects fall or move when it was impossible for them to do so and my favorite was this past winter when I was sad during the holidays and my late husband came and I specifically felt someone squeeze my knee. The pressure lasted for a bit and it so fascinated me that I really wished I could see him sort of like they have it in the movies but it was not possible.

  2. It is too bad that I cannot see or sense the spirits surrounding me. I think that it might have come because I am way too analytical or not artistic enough and definitely not intuitive or imaginative. I wish I could see and hear spirits sometimes, nice ones that is… I envy you.

      • Thank you for the link. I will eventually take a look at it when I get the time. By the way, are you the Rasma Sandra from Elite Writers. I seem to remember your name from that writing site.

        • Yes, I am and that is the reason I started using the combination of my first and second names online so people would recognize me. I discovered if I was serious about writing and poetry it would be very confusing to use a bunch of nicknames.