Seasons of change

Isn’t odd that one day a place can be fine and another day, the very same spot looks different.

Art and Photography are a way of observing small details in a place and time. So it is with these 2 examples I will show here. Orewa and Ohinewai.

#1 Orewa on a fine day

Look at the beautiful cumuli clouds with a dramatic entrance on a sunny day on the beach

Warm, sunny.

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#2 In the same Orewa beach this!

Its so windy on this day, I can barely stand up taking photos. The wind has icy fingers. 

Yet, despite the weather, a wind surfer on the beach can seize the ride of the day. Indeed many enjoy the same opportunity.

Cold, raining and windy.

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#3 Ohinewai icy cold view of Waikato river

Seasons of change gives us opportunities to take a photo of a different view. The wind is calm and hardly blowing yet you get fog on the Waikato river and it has an eerie effect.

In times where seasons change, opportunity knocks. You just need to look and observe.

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#4 Ohinewai by Waikato river

In the middle of summer, beautiful clouds and reflections. Warm & sunny

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What do you think?

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