Scientists Introduces unusual way to lose weight faster

Austrian and British scientists from the University of Queensland and the University of Plymouth found the dependence of the rate of weight loss on visualization of the final result and motivation. The press release of the scientific article is published on the EurekAlert! Website.

About 140 volunteers participated in the study. They were divided into two groups. In one team we conducted motivational talks, in the other we tried to visualize the final result, imagine how they would feel after losing weight, which they could afford without excess weight.

After six months, “visualizers” dropped an average of four kilograms, and the rest – only a kilogram. Over the next six months, the members of the first group got rid of another six kilograms. In turn, subjects, with whom motivational conversations were conducted, lost about half a kilogram for the same period of time.

One of the authors of the technique, Professor Jackie Endreyd explained that the images have a strong emotional impact. According to her, in the experiment imaginary patterns were used to strengthen people’s confidence in the ability to achieve their goals. These views supported the motivation of people when they encountered problems during slimming.


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