Scientists found about the benefits of caffeine in chronic kidney disease

Scientists have concluded that an increase in caffeine intake can help reduce the risk of death in people with chronic kidney disease. The study is published in the journal Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation .

The possible protective effect of caffeine can be due to its effect on the body at the vascular level. As is known, this substance promotes the release of nitric oxide, thereby improving the functioning of blood vessels.

A study of 4,863 people showed an inverse relationship between caffeine consumption and mortality from all causes among people with chronic kidney disease. In patients who consumed more of this substance, the risk of death on average in five years decreased by almost 25 percent compared with those who took less caffeine.

“The reduction in mortality was observed even after considering other important factors: age, sex, race, smoking, other diseases and dietary habits of the study.” The results show that it is possible to reduce the death rate of patients by recommending them to consume more caffeine, a simple, clinically beneficial and affordable, although ideally a randomized controlled trial is needed to confirm its advantage, “says Miguel Bigote Vieira, one of the lead authors of the study.


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Written by Saeed Ahmed

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  1. As an ex registered nurse who worked in the AKU (artificial kidney unit or dialysis), I am relieved to hear about this potential benefit of coffee. But chronic kidney failure patients, most of the time, are on strict oral liquid intake reduction. So I presume that the study was with caffeine pills of some kind. Very good article and right up my OLD alley.

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