Scarlett O’Hara Bar and Restaurant

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The Scarlett O’Hara Bar and Restaurant is located in Saint Augustine, Florida.

This bar and restaurant is made up of two homes built in 1879. It has become on drinking and eating establishment and offers their customers live music. The building is a two-story, brown wood structure with a wide porch on the first floor for dining.

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On the first floor, you’ll also find the Main Bar and the Oyster Bar. The martini bar which is known as the Ghost Bar and the official restaurant are located on the second floor. The walls are decorated with Gone With the Wind memorabilia. There is also a photo of Mr. Cobe, who was the creator of one of the original homes. Besides offering great drinks and good food this is a popular place for people who are in their twenties and older. There is a lively nightlife with live bands and karaoke.


The two houses were built 18 years after the Civil War in 1879. One house was built by a Mr. Cobe for his fiancee and the other house was built by a retired lighthouse keeper. Mr. Cobe passed away soon after moving his family into the house but the family lived there until 1955. Afterward, the house was boarded up for twenty years.

Entrepreneur Kevin Finch bought both houses in 1979 and connected them, making them into a popular establishment for eating, drinking, and entertainment. John Arbezani bought the Scarlett O’Hara’s Bar and Restaurant in 1998 along with some resident ghosts and has learned to live with them.


Back in 1879 when Mr. Cobe brought his love to live in the house that he built he was badly disappointed when she left him for a soldier who was stationed at Fort Marion. He was lucky to find another woman to marry. Unfortunately not long after he married Mr. Cobe was found dead in the bathtub. At first, it was thought that he had drowned, committing suicide. Later it was discovered that he had not committed suicide but instead he had been murdered.

The conclusion was his first fiancée had become jealous of his new-found happiness and had requested that her new husband get rid of Mr. Cobe. Since at that time there were no CSI experts most likely his murderer was never brought to justice.

Now the entity of Mr. Cobe spends his time at the bar and restaurant. He is quite mischievous as well as friendly. The entity enjoys playing jokes and showing up at the Ghost Bar. He has set off the burglar alarm and when policemen come rushing in they’ll see twirling chairs and feel someone touching them.

When gentlemen head for the men’s room they’ll feel someone touching them on the shoulder and feel hot air breathed down their shirts. Mr. Cobe enjoys helping to light candles at the bar. When the bartender goes to light the candles often they are already lit. The entity will fool around with the AC, the heater and he enjoys switching TV channels. Late at night while guests and staff are in the Ghost Bar they’ll hear the splashing of water and low moans coming from the men’s restroom.

There is a second male entity on the first floor. This one enjoys the lower bar and has been seen pulling out a bar stool, sitting down and then vanishing. This entity has also been seen walking around the first floor by closing-time staff.

So if you would like to meet these friendly ghosts you should take a trip to Florida and the Scarlett O’Hara Bar and Restaurant.

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