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Saying goodbye to our old park.

I have shared many photographs of our old abandoned park in my hometown. It was a ranch when I was a child that bordered our favorite place to play. In the 70’s the old rancher sold the place and the new residents turned it into a trailer and RV park. Throughout the years the residents put their own style on each little pad and planted trees and flowers.

I went there the other day because it is Meika and Penny’s favorite place to run and swim, and one of my favorite places to take photographs.

I was shocked to see, the whole place was leveled. All the trees and old cement pads removed.

Here is what it used to look like.

#1 Meika in my art rendition.

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#2 Meika hunting wabbits.

This was a natural meadow. 

#3 One of the slabs.

And some pretty trees down below on the second level of the park. 

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#4 The park’s second level

Looking down to the first level 

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#5 Shamrock

Were among the flowers that took over the park. 

#6 Giant Matilija Poppy

Also called the, "Queen of California Flowers" were there. A whole hillside of them. 

These are the size of saucers. 

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#7 Sugar Maple

and a lot of palm trees are now gone. 

#8 The road

that bordered the creek on the right. 

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#9 Another view

with the creek on the left. 

#10 Second level

There were bottle brush trees and bushes. 

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    • I don’t know, progress, money to be had. There were hawks, falcons, bats all living here. The wildlife people also tried to save the park, by turning it into a walking park. They did try, and kept it in probate for years and years.

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