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We should save water for your future generations

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Everyone knows that but a very few care about these things. The precious resources are going down the drain but we are not worried. In fact, we can do a lot in this matter. What about rain water harvesting? Saving on power, saving on small things makes them big in the end.

But we care least and letting things go out of our hands. But let me tell you it is not we only who will suffer in the end. Our future generation will suffer more than us.

We must come forward and begin saving our precious natural resources from today itself otherwise our future generation is not going to forgive us for our mistakes.

If the water goes down the drain at its present speed there will be nothing left for our future generations. We all will have to chip in and go all out to make things working. How else can we make things happening for the coming generations?


What do you think?

Written by Suny Ag