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Saturday's Critters 2 – Follow that Bird!

To get good photos of any bird, I follow just one bird with my camera along it’s flight path. I have yet to get the technical detail right, but to focus on the bird itself, you need to follow it with the camera.

I am just a point and shoot photographer but when I get the chance I will learn how to adjust exposure, shutter speed and other things.

This is on the Juvenille Blackbacked Gull which is a larger seagull than a common one, twice its size and he is under 2 years old

All these taken at the Auckland Airport viewing place

Photos were taken yesterday on Good Friday

#1 Under

One of the first reasonable shots

#2 Bird turns

Quite good

#3 Bird comes forward

Better than behind its head

#4 Another good view

I like this shot

#5 Bird in preparation

While I was following the bird it dived behind trees and often out of sight but now it has made a decision

#6 Here is the decision

Looks like the landing gear is down

#7 Going Down

Going down feet first

#8 Landed Feet first

Each gull often stakes out a place to roost that belongs to them and they are very territorial

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